Is 5G The Tech We Need for Complete Wi-Fi Access?

Mobile and wireless data has seen some incredible advancements over the past few years. It is remarkable to think that only five or six years ago, we were impressed by the phones that had 3G connectivity. Those speeds were barely good enough to load web pages within a reasonable amount of time. And now we are already at the stage where people are using 4G LTE connections to watch movies, stream television programs and access other streaming services.

What Will 5G Bring?

But the future is even more exciting. We are on the cusp of 5G taking over the data sector, as the infrastructure behind 5G is only growing in the past few years. It may take a little bit of time, but there is a sense that 5G will become the norm sooner than later. But what is needed for that to happen? And what does it all mean?

5G Technological Components

There is so much that goes into setting up a wireless network. We think of wireless and we assume that everything just works. But you need massive antennas, satellites and other components to make things work. And sometimes it is the tiniest products, such as the hybrid coupler, which need improvements before they can be ready to help sustain the 5G network.

How 5G Could Change the Internet

A lot of people believe that when we get 5G, it will be as dramatic a shift as when we went from dial-up to high speed internet. Why? Because it means that you can get incredible speeds through a wireless network, which would almost negate the need to have a typical internet connection with a cable.

Aside from being able to access even more great content on your phones, 5G means that public and potentially free Wi-Fi could become a reality sooner than we think.